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2024 Hanover 415 | 41ft

2024 Hanover 415 | 41ft


Miami, Florida


2024 Hanover 415


Aggressive Pricing: The Hanover Yachts 415 starts at $495,000 for a new build, presenting an exceptional value in the luxury yacht market. This competitive pricing makes luxury sailing accessible without compromising on quality or performance. It positions the 415 as an outstanding investment for those who seek high-end features and craftsmanship at a more attainable price point.

Maximized Volume Layout: The design of the Hanover Yachts 415 maximizes interior volume, creating a spacious and inviting onboard environment. This ingenious layout enhances living comfort, making it perfect for extended voyages and entertaining. It feels larger than other yachts in its class, offering a unique blend of luxury and practicality.

Reliability of Mercury Outboard Engines: Powered by reliable Mercury outboard engines, the 415 guarantees smooth and efficient performance. These engines are known for their dependability and power, ensuring peace of mind on the water. The choice of Mercury engines underscores the yacht’s commitment to quality and seamless sailing experiences.

INBOARD: Starting at $495,000

OUTBOARD: Starting at $550,000

The Hanover Yachts 415 is a testament to luxury, performance, and advanced engineering, meticulously crafted for those who demand excellence in sailing. This model, a distinguished member of the Hanover Yachts collection, provides an unparalleled sailing experience, merging cutting-edge technology with exquisite craftsmanship. Designed for agility and stability in a variety of sea conditions, the 415 features a hydrodynamic hull that ensures efficient and speedy navigation.

Starting at $495,000 for a new build, the Hanover Yachts 415 is a premium investment in boating luxury. The interior of the 415 is spacious and lavishly furnished, offering unmatched comfort and elegance for long journeys. Its cabin layout is intelligently designed to optimize space and functionality, achieving a perfect balance between communal areas and private quarters. Every inch of the yacht showcases high-quality materials and finishes, from sumptuous seating to a top-of-the-line galley, creating an opulent atmosphere onboard.

On deck, the Hanover Yachts 415 impresses with its practical design and ease of use, making sailing and docking a breeze. It is powered by state-of-the-art Mercury engines, known for their reliability, efficiency, and power, ensuring smooth sailing on all your adventures. The yacht comes equipped with a comprehensive array of sailing and navigation instruments to enhance safety and enjoyment, whether you’re venturing into open waters or anchoring in serene bays.

The Hanover Yachts 415, with its blend of performance, luxury, and style, coupled with the power of Mercury engines and starting at $495,000 for a new build, is the epitome of a high-end sailing vessel for those eager to explore the vastness of the seas in unparalleled comfort and elegance.


Mercury Verado

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